6346 Complete Pakpress® Kit



The 6346 Complete PakPress® Kit is a must if you’re in the Fleet Maintenance industry.  Don’t be without this tool that brings the power of a 5-ton shop press right to the truck.  Most impressive, the PakPress® lets you remove and install studs without removing the hub. A two-hour job is done in twenty minutes, with no risk of damaging seals or bearings.

The 6346 Complete PakPress® Kit includes:

  • 1-PPK PakPress®
  • 6247 PakPress® Cart
  • Adapters ( 6261,6235, 6236, 6361)

Additional information

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 17 in


6346 Complete Pakpress® Kit – PakPress Manufacturing Marvels 2017

6346 Complete Pakpress® Kit – Operation


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