TC-55 GP Tire Cutter (Gas Power)



The TC-55 Tire Cutter is one of our most powerful passenger and light truck tire cutting units. Equipped with either a 18 HP Briggs and Stratton gas motor with electric start. The small footprint allows this workhorse to easily fit in any work area. The TC-55 Tire Cutter is faster than its little brother the TC-50 Tire Cutter, and can handle high volumes of passenger or light truck size tires quickly. Two-handle valve system keeps operator’s hand away from the blades while cutting for added safety. The TC-55 Tire Cutter is easy to operate, low maintenance, dependable and designed for years of service.

17″ and smaller tires can be cut into four pieces at a rate of up to 90 per hour.
Tires measuring 18″ and 19″ in diameter can be quartered at a rate of up to 70 tires per hour.

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Weight 1644 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 77 × 73 in



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