The TC-125 Tire Cutter will cut any construction tires and farm tires with a sidewall width dimension of 24″ or less and 20 ply or less.  The TC-125 heavy duty tire cutter is specifically designed to cut difficult large tires using large shear blades and is powered with a 40 HP Kubota diesel engine.

Advantages of Cutting Tires

    • Tires can be stacked with in each other (nested) which reduces tire volume by up to 60%
    • Reduces transportation costs substantially by transporting a more dense load of tires
    • Tires no longer hold water, eliminating common breeding grounds for mosquitoes
    • Reduces regulatory problems concerning tires

Weight 6800 lbs
Dimensions 192″ L x 72″ H x 100″ W

Additional information

Weight 6800 lbs
Dimensions 192 × 72 × 100 in



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