Stumpy 2 in 1 Hub and Stud Cleaner tool



The Shark Stumpy 2 in 1  tool offers the Mechanic the ability to do Light Trucks and Car Studs as well as Hub Cleaning- with the same tool.  This all new tool is the answer to quick stud clean up and hub cleaning.  The pad screws easily onto the tool for ease of replacement.  The interior wire brush portion is ALSO replaceable!  When wire and pads wear out, just replace them which saves you a lot of money! Made of tough, Hard Coated Anodized Aluminum Heavy Duty, Long Life Nylon Strip- Brite Material for cleaning the surface of the hub. Works on both light trucks and cars. Internal Replaceable Wire Brush Inserts in 2 Sizes – For Passenger Cars (7/16” – 1/2”) and Light Trucks (9/16” – 5/8”).

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Weight 10 lbs