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Tire Service International (TSI) is a manufacturing company that primarily produces tire equipment and recycling equipment. We have been part of this industry for 40 years and have been the trusted partners for many tire retailers, recycling plants, side-by-side or off-road distributors, and more.

What We Do

We manufacture and sell tire equipment as well as recycling equipment across the USA. From tire changing tools and recycling balers to tire cutters and rim crushers, we sell a vast array of items. We are well-known for our Cheetah® Bead Seater. Due to the increased popularity of our products, we have expanded our network area and now serve customers worldwide.

Customer Service

At TSI, we give utmost importance to customer service and your satisfaction. We have a friendly yet professional customer support team that is well-versed in all products and services we offer. Whatever questions you may have, we will try our best to resolve them on time.


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